Can Yahoo Ignore Tumblr’s Dark Side?




When my daughter begged me a few years ago to go on Tumblr so she could engage with Harry Potter fandom, I said no. I was worried about what else she might encounter on the vast blogging service

You know what I’m talking about. I feared she’d stumble onto porn.

Tumblr, which Yahoo is buying for $ 1.1 Billion is not a porn site, far from it. Spend any time on the spotlight page and you see it’s a vast sea of insightful and entertaining posts on every topic imaginable

One user aptly described it this way:

Tumblr user: Don’t do it. It will consume your life.
Tumblr user: It’s like having a stoner conversation with the world.
Tumblr user: It’s crawling with intellectual knowledge, cats, and fandom. Read more…

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