Cable Build-Up and Break Down [Infographic]

What’s in that designated, ‘miscellaneous’ drawer in your home?  We all have one place for odds and ends, warranting time to decipher the function of kept items, when you placed them there, and (most importantly) why?
If sundry home items confuse you, take a look at the back of your computer.  Observe the zigzags and mazes of entangled wires.  What does each do, and could you address a technical concern if one should arise?  Now you can.  This infographic, courtesy of, simply illustrates your computer’s cable wires and the respective function of each.
Before, mentions of coaxials and ethernet connnections may have confused or intimidated you, but in less than a few minutes of your time, you’ll have a clearer understanding and a stronger sense of technical awareness.
Cable Build Up and Break Down [Infographic] image cable infographics3

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