Build Your Pinterest Page with These 2014 Trends in Mind



Pinterest is a social online pinboard known for its eye-catching images, but over the past year, it’s become a search engine of sorts as well. After it received two sizable investments in 2013, the site rolled out a variety of features that have made it even more user-friendly. It’s no longer just a site to save images for travel and home decor inspiration or to create wishlists.

With the rollout of new features in 2013, like rich pins (think detailed recipes), the ability to search your pins, article pins (so you can save your favorite articles), promoted pins and place pins, there’s so many different ways to use Pinterest, grow your followers lists, and build your business.

While home decor and food pins will continue to be popular, here are some other Pinterest trends to look out for in 2014.


Rich pins will drive engagement

Pinterest has been a huge player in the social media field, because of one simple reason: it’s all about the image. No matter what site the image or photo is pinned from, and no matter what its size (as long as it’s not too small), if it’s eye-catching or helpful to the user chances are it’ll drive engagement.

In 2014, those eye-catching images can be even more enticing with Pinterest’s “rich pins” feature. Currently, Pinterest allows five different kinds of rich pins, including place, product, article, recipe, and movie pins. Essentially, these pins are no longer about just the photo; with the ability to add additional details — such as ingredient and direction lists for recipes, and ratings and cast lists for movies — users will gain more knowledge from your pins… and they’ll be more likely to repin and like your images. After all, pins that have some sort of call-to-action description receive 80% more engagement.

For businesses, invest time in rich product pins, because the pinned image can be paired with pricing as well as where the product is available for purchase. Considering Pinterest users place an average order of $ 169, well above the average for Facebook users ($ 95) and Twitter ($ 70), and pins that note pricing get 36% more likes, rich pins will be a worthy investment in 2014.


Pinterest as travel planner

While exotic locales have always been a popular thing to pin, in 2014 Pinterest is going to become an even more important component in travel planning. That’s because not only can users start dreaming of places to visit, but they also can get advice on how to pack (due to pins that feature a checklist of sorts) and place pins.

Pinterest’s new feature, place pins, now allow users to map where that pin is from. Not only can you pin photos taken at hotels, for example, but neighborhood hotspots, like landmarks and restaurants, can also be pinned. All users have to do is click “add a map” for each image. Each of these pins can include a description and phone number in the photo’s description as well. College students can track all the colleges they visited on Pinterest, even giving their short review in the comments. Journalists can create local travel guides for those interested in visiting the area. No matter what your business, there’s huge potential for utilizing this map feature, which users will realize in 2014.


Pinterest will be big for business

Promoted pins will become a big trend when they become officially open to the public. While it’s clear that they’re advertising, they’re still relevant to what users are looking for, and it’ll make it easier for users to find companies, retailer or otherwise, that might be of interest to them.

While these three things will play a role in Pinterest in 2014, they’re just a few trends. As the online pinboard rolls out even more functionality, which they surely will, businesses will continue to discover even more ways to use one of the fastest growing social media sites.

Soshable | Social Media Blog