Buffer Now Allows Custom Scheduling of Social Media Posts


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In an update to its social media sharing app, Buffer has added the feature that it says customers have been asking about: more specific timing when scheduling Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook posts.

Previously, Buffer customers could schedule a group of posts to publish automatically to their social networks at different times throughout the day, but if they wanted to change the timing on one or more of them, they would have to modify the entire posting schedule to do it. Now, they can schedule the post by date and time instead of just days of the week.

“Buffering” is “quite different to ‘Scheduling,’” explained Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich in a blog post, but it’s ”what helped us get the word out and educate people about an easier way to post to their social media sites. Now, almost 2.5 years later, Buffer has evolved a lot. With the recent introduction of Business plans, that a lot of people found useful, adding some more key features made sense. And we thought that posting something at a specific date and time, different to Buffering has a lot of use cases now.”

These include timing posts for a specific marketing campaign or product launch, or just remembering to post something nice on a person’s birthday or anniversary.

Widrich added: “Custom Scheduling works in all of our browser extensions and the web dashboard, as well as Android and we’re just awaiting approval from Apple for the iPhone update.”

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