Bringing The Social To Sochi: IOC Announces Updates To Olympic Athletes’ Hub


OlympicsSocialHubPins650The opening ceremonies for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, are exactly two weeks away, and the International Olympic Committee is doing all that it can to bring the social to Sochi.

The IOC announced updates to its Olympic Athletes’ Hub application — available via the iTunes App Store and Google Play — including:

  • Social media users can follow athletes’ Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds from one place.
  • Updates by athletes being followed will automatically be pushed to users’ “My Olympians” sections.
  • A Trending feature will provide an overview of which athletes are receiving the most mentions or being retweeted the most.
  • Athletes can send message to each other, or to the IOC.
  • The Olympic Athletes’ Hub will include a special section directing users to the websites of the IOC’s broadcasting partners for the Games.
  • Athletes can be searched by country, team, sport, or edition of the Olympics (summer or winter).
  • The best daily content from athletes will appear in a special section.
  • Training tips from Olympic greats will be available.
  • Athletes will accumulate points based on Facebook likes and Twitter follows, and those points can be redeemed for both virtual and actual prizes.

The IOC also announced that it will set up a photo booth in the Olympic Village, where athletes can share candid images via social media, as well as launch real-time chats on Facebook.

In addition, every Olympic athlete will receive a free Samsung Galaxy Note III with the Olympic Athletes’ Hub app preinstalled, and athletes who join the Hub will receive the pins pictured above.

IOC Head of Social Media Alex Huot said in a release announcing the Olympic Athletes’ Hub updates:

More than 5,600 verified Olympians have already joined the Hub, and more than 1,000 of them are Sochi Olympians. The IOC is committed to helping the athletes not only engage with each other and fans, but also to protect their real identities — which can be a challenge for celebrity athletes.

Readers: Do you plan to interact on Facebook during the 2014 Winter Olympic Games?