Brand Engagement Made Simple With Games And Rewards


If you haven’t noticed yet, people online are obsessed with two things (beyond politics/religion): playing social games and finding the best deal.

So if you want to reach – and interact with – your audience, you’d be wise to explore both options the next time you give that marketing plan a refresh.

And here are some options to consider.

Before you settle on one option, you should try out a few. Most offer free introductory plans that let you run a campaign with (at least) limited functionality, so you can get a sense of what it can do and your comfort level around using the tool.

Offerpop is pretty fantastic.  It not only allows you to create various kinds of campaigns, it also offers awesome insights that allow for more targeted advertising as you progress. Scary targeting, really.

Try it out right now – it’s SUPER easy to set up, allowing marketers to build and launch campaigns in minutes. Yes, seriously.

Then there’s Punchtab. They have similar campaign offerings and a Freemiun model that allows you to use their basic services free forever, which you won’t – it’s the hook. And a good one.

Not only that, they entice you with research. Are you planning to target moms with any of these offers that are starting to take shape in your mind? You should be:

Next up: Woobox. Again, much of the same as the two listed above, but they give you so many options you’ll get dizzy.

And their coupon app is pretty kickass:

Woobox also operates on a Freemium model and has a tiered pricing structure based on number of fans (on your Facebook page(s)).

But we also promised you games! And that’s where FanRally comes in. The games are really offers (yes, we tricked you, but it was for your own good. It feeds their competitive nature, regardless.) Here’s why it works:


And as they astutely point out, when using ANY engagement strategy, focusing solely on the numbers is a BIG mistake. Huge.

Tell us about your favorite games and rewards apps in the comments!

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