Black Friday Shopping: Murder And Injury Plague These Chains


Black Friday Shopping: Murder And Injury Plague These Chains image Black Friday Brawls and Deaths

Black Friday shopping is just around the corner and that means deep discounts and large crowds. Unfortunately, for some shoppers, large crowds can also mean tempers flaring and injury. In several cases Black Friday shoppers have even been killed because of the Black Friday frenzy.

If you plan at Black Friday shopping this year, you might want to avoid these five sometimes dangerous shopping locations. Their shoppers can be rude, pushy, and sometimes even violent. From one-on-one interactions that can turn painful, to crowds that will stampede a child for a discounted Xbox One, sometimes Black Friday simply isn’t worth the hassle.

1. Walmart

If you value your life, you might want to avoid highly trafficked Walmart stores. 59 people have been badly injured, and three people have been killed during Walmart Black Friday sales. The severity of the attacks range from pepper spraying to shootings and random brawls involving dozens of customers. The pepper spraying incident occurred simply because a redneck customer had her eye on an item someone else was about to snag.

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2. Toys R Us

Toys R Us is much safer than Walmart, but that doesn’t mean injuries and deaths are fully avoided. Because of a double shooting there have been two deaths during Black Friday. In 2008, 2 men shot and killed each other in the store after their wives engaged in an argument. The other injuries were not life threatening, but were caused by overcrowded store conditions on the busiest shopping day of the year.

3. Target

Target has some higher end items compared to Walmart, but that doesn’t mean the store invites a classier subset of customers into its store on Black Friday. There have been three injuries and one death at the store. In 2011 an older man with health problems collapsed and died. Rather than clearing the way for the man, Target customers stepped around and over the man. However, it is the stores rowdy customers that have created injuries bad enough to send Target customers to the hospital.

4. Kohl’s

There have thankfully been no deaths reported at Kohl’s during Black Friday, however there have been three major injuries. Last year a shoplifter was shot and injured while attempting to flee the scene of their crime. A police officer was hanging from their car during the incident. A second officer shot the man and the vehicle came to a stop.

5. Best Buy

There have been two major injuries and no deaths during Best Buy Black Friday sales. The worst attack came in 2010 when a Marine was stabbed while attempting to subdue a shoplifter who was fleeing the store. Sadly the Marine’s were volunteer at the store in order to collect donations for Toys for Tots. The shoplifter never made it out of the store.

In all honesty you are probably going to be generally safe when you travel into most of the stores listed above. However, if you plan on visiting a Walmart, I would first take a closer look at these stories and then decide if that $ 300 flat screen is worth the constant troubles the retail giant has failed to stop.

At one point Walmart shoppers pushed a pregnant woman to the ground and ran her over. Thankfully there were a few good samaritans around to help her back onto her feet.

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