Best City and Architecture Photos from 2013


collbiere paris sunsetArchitecture represents a true intersection between photography and design for creatives. Today photographers have more tools than ever in 2013 to take pictures as they were meant to be seen and its allowed some of your all time favorite cities and buildings a whole new visual life!

Check out the best city and architecture photos of 2013 from the 500px community:

NYC II by Leif Løndal on

Dynamic Veins by Karim Nafatni on

... by Serg D on by Roof Topper on

Burano by Daniel Korzhonov on

Burano by Dimitar Stoyanov on

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque by Adrian Vörös on

Just the two of us by Matthias Peine on

I love NY! by Frank Hazebroek on
Featured image: Paris sunset by Coolbiere. A.