Behind Every Powerful Cat, There’s a Hollywood Agent


grumpy cat, memes, cats, lol cats, social media, social networks, redditIt’s always fascinating to ferret out how a given video or meme went viral. It’s unusual enough in today’s populous online world for something to go viral by pure chance, much less on the weight of quality content.

(Note to supervisors out there who think there’s a viral button on the computers assigned to the social media intern and editorial staff: We have the same machines that you do — except yours are probably fancier.)

But I digress. Grumpy Cat might seem like an exception to this cynical rule. Her owners claim to be average small-town people who thought the cat was charming and posted some photos of her on Reddit only to be stunned by their popularity. Do they have the coveted viral button?

No, but they do have an agent for Grumpy Cat, who booked the feline’s star turn at South by Southwest and is negotiating movie and book deals for the sourpuss cat, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

The agent, Los Angeles-based Ben Lashes, specializes in Internet-famous cats. He also represents the creator of the deeply irksome Nyan Cat, whose owner is suing Warner Brothers and 5th Cell for copyright infringement. (The cat appears in the game Scribblenauts.)

You can’t make this stuff up.

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