Be Omni-Present: The 'Be Everywhere' Mentality of Online Business

Be Omni-Present: The 'Be Everywhere' Mentality of Online Business


As part of my 30 Day Challenge of Blogging once a day, I am part of a group on facebook – contributing to help others in blogging and also helping myself along the way. It’s kind of an AA group for bloggers.

Yesterday evening one question cropped up in the group about comments on blogs vs comments on social media and how to deal with that. Solution included dropping Facebook Comments into the blog to encourage that, but that didn’t solve the problem nor collect all of the comments and threads from Facebook, Google or indeed Twitter.

My solution was to “let it be” and follow the mantra of Pat Flynn of Be Everywhere – or as I put it…

Be Omni-Present

In the context of the comments, this simply means going where people are talking and engaging, and joining the conversation in a informal friendly way – the important thing as one member of the group said, is not where they are talking but that they ARE talking.

To be honest Pat’s Be Everywhere isn’t the same as my Omni-Present state of mind.

For Pat it’s about being part of all social networks he can, guest blogging, being part of forums, and using other media (such as his podcast) to both grow and maintain his audience.

For me being Omni-Present is about regularly blogging, communicating always with your audience (not just announcing a new blog post), being a member of industry groups (not digital marketing) and answering questions.

Also to Be Omni-Present is to be the person that one someone has a question about digital marketing or SEO, that member of the audience can turn to for help and know it’s there for them.

The one rule both I and Pat have, and you should too – whichever your choose to be – is be consistent, either be somewhere and reliable or don’t be there. Being part of a facebook group as an expert is time consuming, it won’t be 5 minutes of your day, it could be hours a week. You either want a community or you don’t, and if you do you need to work at it and be where your audience are talking (not just on your blog).

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