Are You a Social Media Non-Believer?


Are You a Social Media Non Believer? image blxk duckSo, you are or know of a social media non-believer. My definition for a non-believer is a person who is of the opinion social media is strictly a fad for the very young and will die a quick death leaving a complete disaster in its wake. Does that sound like you or someone you know?

It can be extremely hard to convince a social media non-believer that it’s worth their time and attention. Numbers seem to be a concrete way to motivate people to change, so here are some of the top benefits to marketing on social media according to Social Media Examiners 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report as posted Social Media Today:

1) 89% of respondents said that social media marketing has generated more business exposure
2) 64% saw lead generation increase by using social media 6 hours or less per day
3) 69% of marketers use social media to gather marketplace intelligence
4) 62% of marketers using social media for 2+ years reported a rise in search engine rankings
5) 62% of businesses with 10 employees or less reported that social media has reduced marketing expenses

If those numbers don’t do it, how about this video from Erik Qualman and Socialnomics that is loaded with stats to prove that social media use is on the rise. And keeps rising. And then rises some more.

If you are attempting to convince some social media non-believing decision makers that social media is a valuable place to be spending their marketing dollars, perhaps they will finally be convinced by this lovely infographic from One Lily Creative Agency.

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If you converted the social media non-believers/decision makers, congratulations! You can officially move forward with all those big social media marketing campaigns you’ve been storing up in that head of yours. If they aren’t convinced, tomorrow is another day. Reinforce that social media is more than just a place to connect with old high school buddies; it’s also a great way to connect with your customers and give the company a relatable voice. Want more social media marketing tips and advice? Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!

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