Amazon Imagines The Future Home With 1-Click Integration


Lab126, a small team of Amazon engineers based in Silicon Valley, predicts the future home to be fully integrated with one-click, personalized delivery, focused on your refrigerator. The same team that developed Amazon’s hardware products is prototyping a WiFi-connected button aimed to make ordering groceries and household products incredibly easy, right from the comfort of your home.

Look at your refrigerator, and you’ll likely see a blank canvas, or perhaps Little Timmy’s art project hanging up. It offers prime real estate for a touch screen in the same place you keep your groceries. With this smart-home integration, you’ll know exactly what you need, and what’s about to spoil. For better or worse, a touch-screen equipped fridge might possibly be the most effective space for advertisements. Advertisers really don’t know your emotions, feelings, activities, and habits while you sit in your living room or bedroom and watch television. The kitchen, however, provides hyper-specific opportunities for particular brands to capture your attention, and get themselves straight into your cabinet or freezer.


P.S. How did Amazon choose the name, “Lab126″? Well, it originated from the arrow in the Amazon logo, which draws a line from A to Z in “Amazon.” In Lab126, the 1 stands for “A” and the “26” stands for “Z.”

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