A Little Homework: The Revolution of Social & Mobile (Free Report)


Prior to 2010, digital marketing was defined by search, banners, and microsites, with a small percentage allocated among a long tail of other tactics. Over the last three years however, spending patterns have dramatically shifted towards tactics focused on content marketing.

What happened? What inspired marketers to change their thoughts around content?

Two phases of digital communications have occurred since 2010, inspiring a revolution in content marketing:
Social and Mobile.

How did this shift occur? Our friends at Percolate know. And they want to let you in on the secrets.

In this special report created specifically for our community, you’ll learn about what has happened in the last three years, how social and mobile have fundamentally changed media, and how these shifts have signaled a radical transformation in terms of what it means to be a marketer.

It’s an impressive research piece. Mobile and social have built the biggest companies of our time, with the leading players now valued at almost $ 1 trillion (yes, that’s trillion with a T). This is surpasses any of the largest companies in traditional media.

So, grab your special report (did we mention it’s free?!), and get prepped for a deep dive into content marketing and how social and mobile are impacting it. Percolate is bringing their A-game — will you? We suggest you do your homework to get the most out of their session.

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