It’s hard to define a perfect gentleman but one thing’s for sure, they know their cocktails. From simple and sophisticated, to fancy and unforgettable, here are a few things every aspiring cocktail connoisseur should know.

The Cocktail Hierarchy 

No matter the venue, there are four drinks categories every gentleman should be aware of:

The Basics: Gin and tonic, whisky and coke, vodka and lemonade; anything with one spirit and a mixer. It’s impossible to get these wrong. A safe bet, as however flat the mixer is, it will still be drinkable.

The Classics: Martinis, Mojitos and Manhattans; every barman should know these like the back of his hand. Anywhere that serves house spirits will make a decent go of these favourites.

Lesser Known Classics: Sidecars, French 75s and Mint Juleps; the kind of cocktails you’ll find at a hotel or member’s club. At an intermediate level, these are still in the Classics territory but they require more skill and fresher ingredients.

Modern Mixology: Take a Classic and add theatre; think fire spray, atomisers and liquid nitrogen. However experimental these may sound, you’ll be in for a cocktail experience like no other.

Cocktail Drinking Tips

Take Your Time: If you’re an aspiring connoisseur, ensure that you always savour your cocktail. The barman will have carefully blended the flavours, so it’s important that you take the time to relax and enjoy it properly. A gentleman is never in a hurry.

Ask for Recommendations: Building up rapport with the staff not only gets you better service but helps improve your cocktail expertise. How to get served? Attract the attention of the barman or waitress with eye contact and a smile. A gentleman doesn’t get frustrated.

Make Sensible Choices: Base your choice on the spirit you most enjoy – a Mojito if you like rum, a Martini if you’re a gin drinker, or something simple and refreshing like a Tom Collins if you’re new to cocktails.

Cocktail Bar of the month

The Concierge Circle recommends Cocktail Baby in Covent Garden. This hidden gem is in the basement of Joe’s Southern Kitchen and Bar and is the perfect date spot for the urban gentleman. Choose from their extensive menu, or if you prefer, speak to the barman who can create a bespoke cocktail for you.

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