Take a bite from the life of Julie Montagu, a professional health coach, yoga instructor and wellness warrior. Use her day to inspire you to take a bike ride in the morning or manage your healthy food throughout the day. 

6:30 The alarm goes off warning me that there’s only 30 minutes to get my three youngest children – all boys – ready for the school run. Fortunately a little prep before bedtime means that everything I need to make a morning green smoothie, for me and my 16 year old daughter, is already in the blender. So, while the younger kids pour their granola, I switch the blender on for a portion of  instant goodness!

08:00 When I get back home from the school run, I have a quick rummage in the fridge for a piece of fruit or some cherry tomatoes and then get on my bike to cycle to my first yoga class of the day.

10:00 After yoga, I either head to my commercial kitchen in Battersea, to make pick up my superfood balls, JUB and get them out for delivery.  Yes, as of now, I am the delivery girl on my bike!  OR, I work on my second book coming out in Autumn 2015.

montagu food

12:30 If I don’t have any appointments or engagements planned for lunch then it’s back home to make salad or soup for me and my husband. Both are healthy options with minimal preparation required and by 13:00 we’ll be sitting down to eat together.

14:00 It’s time to get back on the bike and onto either my next yoga class or a meeting, so I’ll usually make or find a green juice to give myself a little boost before the pedalling begins.

montagu drink and salad

15:30 After my second class or meeting,  I have to get back home to collect my car and head back to school to pick the boys up.  I always bring them a good healthy snack – either my superfood balls or healthy rice krispie treats.

Montagu Cupcakes

17:30 Back home, the boys start their homework and I start to cook.  If I’m not teaching an evening class then I’ll prepare dinner for the family. However, three days a week I’ll have a large group at 19:00 so my husband is left to do the cooking! Our favourites range from quinoa dishes to vegetable filled soups and even the occasional ‘healthy’ pizza treat.

21:00 After yoga and all my meetings are finished for the day and the children are in bed, there’s always time for one more herbal tea whilst I pack the blender for tomorrow’s breakfast smoothie. I take my herbal tea up to my Epsom salt bed and thumb through various wellness books, cookbooks and yoga books.  And then finally,  it’s off to bed ready for another early start the following day!

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