The talented Arnaud Stevens runs Sixty One Restaurant in Marble Arch. Arnaud’s cooking reflects his Anglo/French routes and now you’ve got the chance to taste his food! In celebration of Sixty One’s birthday, BOE readers who book in November will receive a complimentary glass of champagne (see below for instructions).  

Arnaud Portrait

6.30 I usually wake up at this time. I love a strong Roma nespresso to kick start the day, I then travel on the over ground train from Ealing- some mornings are simply breath-taking as you see the sun rise over the lush green parks of Acton.

8.00 I usually get to work for 8am. First things are the deliveries then admin, feedback from the night before, check spend to revenue from the day before. Large quantities of coffee are consumed during this period. My right hand man, Killian Lynch, is usually always here at this time if not before, ensuring and checking, all preparation like a “pitt bull on heat”. We then together all have our breakfast for about 10mins. During these winter months Matt our senior sous always makes porridge “the traditional way”, all sections are helped with prep and every fridge checked, sauces and soups tasted.

12pm arrives with quick succession, so there is always a buzz of anticipation for the first cheque to arrive. We are usually in full flow by 1pm. After Lunch service we do stock counts of preparation for the evening. Then it’s a push to replenish, all of the team clean down and every section has their role for producing the Family meal of the day (staff food). This is usually a light salad, typically an avocado Caesar salad – usually with fresh fruit as well.

16.00 We always sit and talk about service, general catch up and talk about the evening ahead.

17.30 The kitchen is cleaned down again, the sous chefs conduct their checks again, myself and Killian go through debriefing for the evening. Service is usually in full flow by 7.00pm, the adrenaline of service will always be my favourite part of the day- every one focused, attention to detail, small clangs from the pans hitting the solid tops, silence as they listen to the orders, with a simple response of “oui chef”! Guests visit the kitchen to sometimes say hello or just to show general enthusiasm about what we do. For dinner I will have something protein based (for the gym), for example, coconut oil Freekah, steamed ginger lemon grass chicken and fresh fruit.

Sixtyone restaurant 3

23.00 Around this time all of the orders have been completed and we begin the deep clean of the kitchen, most of the time myself and Killian will go through the lunch menu changes for the following day or general feedback on the night with the front of house. We take great care about listening to the front of house during and after service on ensuring the flow and satisfaction is the best we can provide to our guests.

12am the guys are usually all cleaned down, fridges are checked and the ordering is completed. I always ensure I say goodnight to my guys and always make a point of thanking them for their hard work- the majority of my team have been with me since day one, some more so, and I class them all as family members.

By this point it’s 1am and I usually watch a film or read a book whilst drifting to sleep-bliss!

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