Here at BOE we like finding brands and designers that are great influencers and inspiring professionals. This interview about Dress In Print’s Founder and designer, Tania Cheung, provides great insight into the brand’s ideas and creative concepts.

TaniaCheungTell us a bit about your brand?
Dress In Print is a fashion label that focuses on creating original digital print designs. Our current collection ‘Behind the Woods’ was a collaboration with a travel photographer, Jude Tsang and German fashion illustrator, Agne Ro. We want to build an art family instead of just a fashion brand. Our goal is to gather hidden talents from around the world and to create and inspire each other. We believe that by doing this we can achieve a more astonishing and surprising result.

How are you different from other fashion brands?
The methodology behind our brand definitely differentiates us from existing brands. Our idea is not just creating collections after collections and bragging about our unique style. Our direction is to group artists from different fields to create something together. We don’t want to do things ‘along the line’, we want to push boundaries and break traditional standards when it comes to creation.

What inspired you to start Dress In Print?
The founder and designer, Tania Cheung, is originally from Hong Kong and moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 12. She had worked with different companies in the past few years, from running a leather bag company to design assistant with Mary Katrantzou. She has observed that there is no interaction between individuals. Which is the reason why she wanted to create a brand where limitation is put aside and artists around the world can come together to create extraordinary designs.

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What past experience helped you within the fashion industry? Her past experience helped build her connections with artists from different fields such as illustrators, photographers, calligraphists etc. It’s also these talented people who inspire her to have this idea. There are very little opportunities out there for young artists and Tania noticed there is so much potential, so she wanted to make good use of it. We interviewed our collaborative travel photographer and she said she had never imagined that her work would end up being fashion print on a garment. It was just something she loved to do and all those lovely images were just sitting on her blog.

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Do you have any more collaborations coming up?
Yes, we do. We are currently working with a French illustrator and a calligraphist from LA for our upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 collection which will be out in March 2015.

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What are your top 3 tips for anyone starting out?
The 3 top tips we can give to anyone who is starting out is to firstly make sure that they are adaptable. There are different types of people and voices in the industry and you must make sure that you can adapt to different situations and criticism wherever you go. Secondly, always be persuasive- not just to your customers but also when approaching bloggers or magazine editors. You have to be your own Sales team 24/7. It is always key to push your message across. Lastly, Never give up. We’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs that started their own brand but gave up within the first year. You should always stay true to your brand and believe in yourself. This is important to keep in mind because when it comes to investors, it’s the person itself that they want to invest in the most, not your big brave business model.

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