9 Tips for Keeping Internet Usage Private (Infographic)


Privacy and online security are hot topics in this digital age. With connectivity pervasive in pretty much every aspect of our lives, any concept of privacy can be questionable.

From data mining to know what we are web searching, to knowing our circle of friends via social networks, to knowing even our exact locations through mobile tracking on our smart phones, it’s easy in the modern world to give away far too much information to the wrong people.

How do you think those online dating ads know to appear when you change your relationship status, or how eerily specific travel ads materialize after doing some sightseeing searches for your upcoming vacation?

Every hour over 38 million gigabytes of data is shared across the web, almost 3 million apps get downloaded, Google alone has 120 million searches, and 6 million tweets appear in hashtag heaven. With those figures, it’s no wonder data protection is one of the most talked about subjects.

The question is how to protect our sensitive data and everyday activities online and on the go. Do we have to give up the internet entirely? Not necessarily. There are safer options for surfing the information superhighway without giving so much information back to the giants of the web industry. Making smarter online decisions will help web users protect their sensitive data from being mined and manipulated for the good of big companies rather than allowing people to simply enjoy the connectivity of the internet.

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Tips for Keeping Your Internet Usage Private

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