9 Cool Tools to Use to Do an Awesome Social Media Audit


ImageCan a business ignore the importance of social media? Not in today’s world. Be it a small to medium business or a really big one, social media is sure to be as much a part of its marketing campaign as any other.

Whichever platforms you choose, and whatever strategies you apply, it will all be futile, unless you are capable of measuring the results of your social media marketing efforts. But how do you do it? Here are 9 great tools to use to an awesome social media audit for your business.

Google Analytics:

The right place to begin is with Google Analytics. It allows you to compare your efforts on a monthly or a yearly basis, and gives you a clear idea about predominant trends. The report shows comparison graphs to let you understand reasons for highs and lows.

You can also get a good idea about the posts on your blog that got the most traffic from Google Analytics under the ‘behavior->all traffic’ segment. Just make sure you change the date on top right to get this data for the entire year.

Social Crawlytics:

Another tool for avid bloggers to measure the success of their efforts is Social Crawlytics. With this, you will be able to view which posts got shared most, and where. You will also get a glimpse of a graph on how search engines view your site’s content.

Steady Demand:

To assess your Google+ success; be it your personal or business profile, Steady Demand is a tool you can use to get results. It tells you which posts work well (articles or events, photos or hangouts), what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

Steady Demand also offers a summary of your G+ connections.

Agorapulse Barometer

To know about the success of your facebook campaign run the Agorapulse Barometer to compare your Facebook page with that of others who have already done it. The metrics you may view include Organic Reach, Engagement, People Talking About, and Negative Feedback.

Another good thing about this tool is the option to filter results. When you run the tool, you can decide to compare it with pages having a similar fan base. It sure is a neat way to know where you are going wrong and checking it in time.

Simply Measured, ManageFlitter and Twtrland:

To assess your Twitter access a good place to begin is with the report generated by Simply Measured. Find highly influential followers and strengthen relationships with them, and identify active Twitter followers and interact with them.

Make sure you find inactive followers and remove them with ManageFlitter.

It’s also a good idea to use Twtrland, a handy tool to get an overview of your Twitter profile. It gives you details such as people you interact with, number of replies you send, number of retweets you get, percentage of tweets with links, and so on.


The free trial from Tailwind is perhaps your best way to check how well the Pinterest profile is doing. It gives a good number of important details, which includes how your following grows over a set span of time.

It also offers a clear idea about things such as which influential users pin your content, which users repin your content most, which content gets the most number of pins and repins, and which categories achieve success.


The success of your account on Instagram is best measured with Statigram. With it, you can view the most liked images, the most engaging content, the most popular hashtags, and addition or loss of followers.

With this tool, you are sure to gain an insight into this social media platform.

Businesses are coming up with new ideas every day for using social media to their advantage. But before you try your hand at crafting social media marketing strategies for this year, it’s a good idea to assess your efforts of the previous year.

An audit using some of the above tools will give direction to your social media marketing efforts during this year.

Authored by:

Piyush Mangukiya

Piyush Mangukiya is the Managing Partner of 99MediaLab, a full service digital marketing company specializing in small business marketing including website design, mobile apps, social media marketing, SEO and PPC. You can read more of his posts here and can follow him on Twitter.

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