8 Ways To Find A Job Using Facebook


Isn’t Facebook all about telling people how you feel, posting nice pictures of yourself and then checking over and over to see how many like and comments you’ve received? Well to most people it is. On the other hand, there are people who have landed great jobs just by utilizing the tools you come across daily.

If you are serious about landing a job interview and wish to use Facebook to find one, you’ve got to pledge to yourself that searching for a job is what you are going to do instead of wandering off into a liking, sharing and commenting spree.

Use the following 8 ways to ensure you land a job using Facebook.

#1- Consider Using A Facebook Page

Create a Facebook page that displays your professional personality, so when possible employers use Google to look up suitable candidates, you show up on their screens. Don’t put up pictures of yourself chugging down beers, as you want to keep the page professional.

#2- Write About Things You Have Done And The Things You Can Do

Can you juggle 3 balls in the air at the same time while keeping your eyes closed and standing on one leg? That’s quite impressive, but not if someone is looking for a marketing executive. Consider adding plenty of professional information about yourself; use the ‘notes’ section to write about your point of views about your industry. Add details about any projects you have worked on related to your industry.

#3- Get Popular

Just like any business starts off by getting likes and promoting it among friends, do this with your business page as well. Ask your friends to like it and friends of your friends to like it. That way your page will slowly grow viral and keep getting likes, which in return will result in more people knowing about you. This will also boost up your chances of getting contacted by an employer.

#4- Ads

For a few dollars, you can post an ad about yourself that you are looking for a job in a certain industry. The best part about these ads is you can set criterions regarding the cities where you want the ad to show up. Don’t forget to keep it professional. Put up a picture in your best shirt, preferably with a tie on rather than putting a picture with your ‘cool’ ride.

#5- Keep Track

Facebook ads allow you to keep track of the ads that you post, the number of views your ad receives, the number of people who clicked on your ad and much more. Be sure to keep track of such details and fine tune aspects where you think you’re lacking.

#6- Join Groups

You are looking for a job, right? Keep it your primary aim. Instead of liking pages like ‘Justin Bieber sucks’ or ‘dating hot Russians’, consider liking pages that are dedicated to providing job opportunities.

#7-Let Everyone Know You Are Looking For A Job

‘At Josh’s party, drunk as hell’; while such statuses do get you attention, they certainly wouldn’t get you a job! Post status updates that you’re looking for a job, mentioning the industry in particular. People like to help each other and Facebook is a place where you surely get responses on almost everything.

#8- Keep The Privacy On

You don’t want a potential employer checking out that picture of you passed out on the couch! Trust me, it’s not cool and most of us have been in that situation at least once before. Be sure you have your privacy settings set to friends only to prevent any such happenings and to keep such things strictly personal.

Be professional and avoid posting irrelevant details. Follow these points and don’t forget the not-getting-lost-in-Facebook-wonderland part! Best of luck!

What are your thoughts? Have you recently acquired a position through Facebook?

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