7 Ways to Promote Your Slideshare Presentation


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Slideshare is the largest Powerpoint sharing community on the web, but it is so much more than that. It is also a social network, and a platform for marketing visual content in many different forms – which means Slideshare an essential part of a solid social media strategy. Presentations can be both hosted and noticed there, and it is slowly becoming the go-to place for both academics and businesses looking to promote their data.

Like many networks that are only just gaining mainstream recognition outside of their niche audience, using Slideshare in a wider context is still not understood very well. When you have to promote a presentation, you may not know where to start.

Here are seven ways to promote your Slideshare presentation effectively.

Publish Consistently

This is a long term tip that you should take to heart, because it is the only one that will give you real growth over time. It will also gain you followers on your profile, which means more people will see, comment on and share you presentations every time you publish one. You will save a lot of time on marketing in the future if you begin to lock down dedicated followers now, and establish a reputation and authority on Slideshare that you can build on.

Just how much you choose to publish depends on you, and you should only release content that is at the highest level of quality. So set your schedule set in that sweet spot where you are regularly posting something, but aren’t seeing a decrease in quality. Think once, twice, or three times a month. Remember that it isn’t like a blog post; people expect more work for a visual presentation, so no one assumes you will be updating all the time. But if you can pull that off, great!

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Try To Tell A Story

Next time you create a presentation, try not to be so dry. There is a time and place for straight data, but if you are aiming to promote then there is a good chance this isn’t one of those times. Present the information and facts, but try to add in a splash of the dynamic element that makes for good storytelling.

You want to get people interested in what you have to say, and then encourage them to share it with others who might find it valuable. If you can be entertaining at the same time, you will be much more effective in achieving that goal. A great example is Upworthy, that manage to always provide both entertainment and great information in their Slideshare presentations.

Slideshare Upworthy

Integrate Slideshows Into Your Blog Posts

If you have a blog that already gets a fair amount of traffic, it might be worth it to write a blog post on the presentation topic, and then embed the presentation itself into the post. Or you could link to it, but that might not get as many hits as having it right there to view might.

Not only does this attract your already dedicated reading audience to a profile they might not know about, but it offers those who may learn in a more visual way an alternative to the text based blog posts. You should also put a widget or link on your site’s sidebar that directs visitors to your Slideshare profile, just as you would any other social network.

Search Out Related Industry Presentations

Just like other social networks, you can search out people related to your industry or interests through their own content published on the site. So using a simple search can put you in contact with others, and help you build a great network of like minded individuals.

Slideshare user search

You can comment on their presentations, get comments on your own, and hopefully they will want to share out your content if they find it beneficial.

Enhance Your Presentation’s SEO

Optimizing SEO on your Slideshare presentations is important, because they often come up as individual searches, or integrate with social communities. Doing this is pretty much like optimizing any content.

You start with the title, using a long tail keyword (which has been shown to be the most effective in Slideshare search results). Long tail keywords should also be used in the description, but make sure you also optimize the description to catch the reader’s attention and make them want to view the presentation.

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Slideshare keywords tool

For internal search optimization, take advantage of the tags feature. Don’t be tempted to use irrelevant tags to snare more viewers, and instead use the ones most likely to catch an audience who will actually benefit from the content.

Share On Social Media

This is the most obvious and simple form of promotion, so not a lot has to be said about it. But it is also one of the more effective, especially if you have a decent sized following on a platform already. Share your presentation link out on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and any other platforms you think are relevant.

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Viral Content Buzz

If you think it fits the average subreddit user’s interests, you may also find a place to share it on Reddit, such as r/dataisbeautiful. Be careful with this last idea, however. If you share it in the wrong place, or you come off like you are just spamming a link to promote yourself, your tactic can backfire.

Include The Link In Other Presentations

The last slide of every presentation should promote your other content on the site. It is really easy to add in hyperlinks that can be followed, either related or unrelated. It is one of the easiest ways to alert readers to other content you have posted that they might enjoy. You would be amazed at how much traffic this method can bring in.

Do you have any other helpful tips for promoting Slideshare presentations you would like to share? Let us know in the comments!  

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