7 Things For Effective Networking On LinkedIn


The multi-lingual professional social networking service LinkedIn has over 225 million users from more than 200 countries across the globe. If you go by Wayne Breitbarth, author of The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success, it goes: The experience and connections of seasoned professionals give them (users) a leg up in harnessing the benefits of LinkedIn.

That means a lot for professionals on LinkedIn who know how to take off from being on it. But, there are still others who may not have learned to leverage the network’s strengths. Below are few things you may not be knowing or doing right on LinkedIn. Checkout!

Linkedin Is A Horse Of Different Color

LinkedIn is unlike Facebook or Twitter. You don’t share flaky updates on LinkedIn about your recent travel trip and what you ate in the supper last night.

LinkedIn lays out the user information under set categories like Profile Name, Company, Summary, Experience, Education, Languages, Skills & Expertise, Groups, etc. All you need to do is to fill up every information carefully and thoughtfully. Whatever you write is going to help you in showing up in the search results. Make use of good keywords while framing up your profile. Do not minimalize and center yourself well.

Know the Stage Well

Most users who are landing on LinkedIn have already had their experiences on other social networking sites. They believe they know LinkedIn too. But, LinkedIn is a large database of ‘strict’ professionals. While they have chosen to do a line of business on LinkedIn, they are looking for the like-minded professionals. And, you could be one of them too.

LinkedIn’s own revenue comes through talent solutions, marketing solutions and premium subscriptions. You must know how you can secure your own place in these three verticals.

Fixing Headline & Profile Anonymity

LinkedIn Headlines are very important. It is no secret unless you try to keep it ambiguous. Keep it clear as people are going to get attracted to significant headlines.

Prepare a forward looking profile unlike a resume that goes backward looking. You can keep a number of job titles, charged with keywords. Don’t miss out to write a job description under each title, where you get a limit of up to 2,000 characters.

Link Up & Connect

If you are on LinkedIn, then you already know the lines well: Connect. Find. Be found. The number of connections you make on LinkedIn is going to establish your online identity. This will help you in getting to know more and more people whom you are directly or indirectly associated. Try to completely avoid those whom you know not and are ineffectual.

A good number of recommendations can help you in establishing yourself among recruiters, help you in emerging in search results, and in a way validate what you have already mentioned in your profile.

You Are Not Sharing Out

In other words, this means that you are tuning up with the opportunities on LinkedIn if you are not sharing enough. You can discover a lot of new ventures and business deals that are coming your way. You can share your content on LinkedIn feed and can reach out to more connections.

What all can you share on LinkedIn? For example, presentations, videos, documents, case studies, images, PDFs, and many more. This gives a share of how you like to interrelate with other connections on LinkedIn.

Ignoring the Summary

Do not neglect the summary. Write it in first person and give it a prospect to break the ice. You can make it like an introduction to your Headline.

A well-written summary speaks about how you would like to project yourself on LinkedIn. Therefore, express correctly and clearly.

Getting Into Groups

Join LinkedIn Groups where you can approach and interact on various subjects. This also facilitates others in contacting you via Group Messaging.

Do not choose Groups that are invalid or meaningless. Try to be active and effective, and share your views explicitly. These joined Groups display on your profile page and show your pursuit.

Summing Up

LinkedIn is one of the most trusted social media networks, where professionals go over reliably in search of other members. Therefore, projecting oneself correctly should be the first move. Avoid any false move that stands in the way of securing a vantage on LinkedIn. Try gaining maximum while you are on LinkedIn.

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