7 Apps To Absolutely Crush Your Thanksgiving Festivities


For those in the United States, Thanksgiving celebrations and festivities are quickly approaching. That means food, friends, football, fun, and yes, family. Fortunately, we have technology to enhance our daily lives, and the same holds true during the holidays. Here are the 7 apps you should download to make the most of your Thanksgiving holiday.


If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving meal or event, officially invite and organize your guest list with Paperless Post digital invitations. The beautifully designed invitations will greet your guests with a simple email and RSVP button. You’ll now know who to expect to attend your Thanksgiving feast. Only available for iOS.


You’ll need to pair the delicious food with a bottle of wine, but not everyone is an grape expert. Lucky for you, there are several apps for that, and one that we suggest is called Wine Assistant by Hello Vino. The sleek user interface makes finding a bottle of wine incredibly easy, so you won’t have to worry about which Chardonnay to pair with Aunt Linda’s green bean casserole. Hello Vino is available for iOS here, and Android here.


Chefs of all levels know how difficult it can be to organize your recipes, ingredients, and cooking materials. Pepper Plate aims to make your kitchen a stress-free environment by organizing the daunting process of Thanksgiving feasts. Enter in your ingredients and recipes, and keep your device next to you. You’ll be the next top chef in no time. Pepper Plate is available for iOS here, and Android here.


You might have top-chef skills, but lack menu creativity and Thanksgiving knowledge. Whether it’s your first Turkey Day rodeo, or you’re a seasoned veteran, the Thanksgiving Menu Maker app provides food-spiration, ideas, and tips to impress your guests with each and every item. From the bread and butter to the pumpkin pies, your menu can be created instantly by expert tastemakers and sweet, delicious, technology. Thanksgiving Menu Maker is available for iOS here.


Thanksgiving is synonymous with football, and millions of people will tune in throughout the day to watch America’s favorite sport. If you’re a fantasy football champion, or just a fan of your local team, the NFL Mobile app is a pigskin powerhouse that offers videos, news, photos, fantasy insights, and more. NFL Mobile is available for iOS here, and Android here.


Kids will be celebrating Thanksgiving too, and grabbing their attention is not an easy task. However, nothing attracts the youth’s undivided attention more than the glistening screen of your phone or tablet. Swipe away those action-packed games for the day, and try out a festive alternative with Hand Turkey, a Turkey Day classic with a digital art twist. Kids can create their digital hand-turkey design, and personalize Gary the Gobbler with colors, feathers, and more. Hand Turkey is available for iOS here, and Android here.


For an activity that’s suited for the entire family, Ellen Degeneres’ fan-favorite “Head’s Up!” action-packed-word game will certainly not disappoint. Choose a category, gather your loved ones in a circle, and watch Grandpa Ralph try to guess Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” displayed on his forehead. Lucky for you, both the app and the entertainment is completely free, and available for iOS here, and Android here.

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