6 Ways to Improve Your Hashtags at Live Events


This post was written by Brittany VanBibber


CEO of Tagboard, Joshua Decker spoke to a large (standing room only!) group of people eager to unlock the true power of hashtags. Right from the get-go, the audience trusted Decker– he launched the class with two compelling videos: one with the creator of the hashtags Chris Messina, and another with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake making fun of the over-use of the hashtag.

Tagboard powers hashtag curation for a number of sports teams and major companies, from the Mariners to Nordstrom, and have helped many increase the volume of their brand.

General rules apply for using hashtags during a live event—keep it short, engage your fans, and avoid overuse and abuse. However, there are some opportunities that brands miss with live event hosting.  Tagboard made it easy to improve this with some simple tips:

  1. Promote a call to action: don’t just throw the hashtag out there; give your audience a reason to engage with you by promoting a call to action.
  2. Unify the conversation: keep your conversation relevant and unified to better analyze your event’s reach later on.
  3. Curate the best posts: retweet and favorite the best tweets.
  4. Reward your highest influencers: go above and beyond the retweet and favorite by having a physical or real reward for the best influencers.
  5. Create community by continuing the conversation: gain followers and participators that will continue to support your community and engage with your brand.
  6. Use social media to get feedback: encourage feedback about the event, and take that feedback to heart about the quality and success of your event.

Brittany VanBibber is a senior at NYU studying Journalism and Economics. She is also shamelessly addicted to coffee and social media. You can find her on Twitter at @BritVanB.

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