6 Reasons Why Pinterest Makes Sense For Your Business


If you were told that Pinterest could help build your brand, would you believe it? Believe it! Pinterest is not only a fun social media outlet, but it has a lot of business value as well. Here are 6 reasons why Pinterest makes sense for your business.

Before I give you those reasons, let me give a brief Pinterest 101 for those who aren’t as familiar with the site.

Pinterest is a social media outlet that allows you to share pictures of things that you are passionate about with your friends and followers. But, the catch is most of those photos link back to the website that it originated from. For example, If I see a recipe for great lasagna and want to share it. I “pin” the photo directly from that website onto one of my boards. Then when someone clicks on that photo they are sent directly back to that site and are able to enjoy the recipe as well. Now you may be asking what are “pins” and “boards?” A pin is just like a retweet on Twitter. A board is a way to organize all of your pins by categories.

Now you’re probably curious how a picture of lasagna will help your company.

The beauty of Pinterest is that there are tons of categories for every need and passion out there. There are food boards, fashion boards, job searching boards, business infographics, personal branding boards, and the list goes on.

Here is a list of why your business could benefit from Pinterest:

1. Link Back– As mentioned before, when pinning a photo you are able to link back directly to the site that it came from. If you have a product that you want people to buy, take an awesome shot of it from the website and pin it. By pinning it, people who are interested in that product will be sent to your site where they can purchase it right then and there. It’s that simple.

2. Interaction– Like any social media site, Pinterest allows you to interact with your fans and followers. This is just another popular platform for you to make that connection with the consumer. For example, you can repin your photos of your product taken by your fans or comment on other users’ pins to get them to engage with your company. Even a simple follow can give people validation (i.e. you are present and listening to them).

3. Promote– Pinterest is a fun way to promote new products, blogs, and videos. For example, you just wrote an awesome blog post about how to cook your Grandma’s legendary lasagna and want people to go to your site. First have an awesome, eye catching photo that draws people in. Second make sure it originates from your site. Finally share it to your food or recipe board (using keywords in the description) and more people will see that blog post.

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4. Brand Personality– Company webpages tend to limit what your customer knows about you. They usually give some background, what the company is about, their goals, and other very stuffy facts. Pinterest allows you to show your customers more about you in a visual way. Your company may sell reams of paper, but your Pinterest boards can show more of what your brand’s personality is all about. There could be a “Behind The Scenes Board” to show what your staff is like and what’s important to all of you. You could also have a board that shows what your CEO is passionate about that makes him more authentic to your audience. For example, our CEO Tim has a board on his other company Tim’s Strategy’s account that is all about his passion for British sports cars. What you share doesn’t have to be all about the brand itself, but about the people that run it, too.

5. Hashtag– Did you know that Pinterest uses hashtags, too? It’s true! Hashtags allow you to tag categories and keywords that can help people discover your pins and gain you more followers. Just like Twitter, you can hashtag anything that you think will go with your post. If you are posting a picture of job interview attire, you can use hashtags such as #blazer, #professional, and #shoes. Now people who are searching for one of those items will see your pin and repin it.

6. Category Feed– Pinterest has a list of categories that allow you to narrow the focus of what you want to look at. For example, I want to use a new recipe for dinner tonight. I look under the Food category and all of the most recent food posts will show up for me to browse through. This allows you to be exposed to new users that you may want to follow and vice versa. Even if you don’t use a hashtag, Pinterest still shares your pins with thousands of people as well.

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If you want to grow your business and keep up with the ever-changing world of technology, I would recommend creating an account. Pinterest can be whatever you want it to be. An online cookbook, personal catalog, a collage of infographics you find helpful, or even an in depth brochure of what your company does and is passionate about. Pinterest is just a visual way to promote your brand and interact with your fans.

Let us know how we can help!

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