6 Midnight Milky Way Rainbows


Simeon Patarozliev - a refuge

A curious observer observer of the galaxy, Simeon Patarozliev is a traveler and nature photographer. Patarozliev started his career in digital art and 3D graphics, though, and then eventually grew a passion for the outdoors, adventure and astrophotography.

Check out his collection of magical Milky Way and earth photos from along his journey so far below and over on his 500px page:

Midnight Rainbow by Simeon Patarozliev on 500px.com

Le Dru by Simeon Patarozliev on 500px.com

The Blindman? by Simeon Patarozliev on 500px.com

Illuminated by Simeon Patarozliev on 500px.com

Observer by Simeon Patarozliev on 500px.com

For the time being I can’t really say that I’m a traveler, mountaineer, photographer (I do state this in my website title though… haha) or a musician, but rather I found that these things help me improve constantly as a person and one could say that I’ve never actually left university. And as I slowly become more of an outdoors type of a guy, still, when I sit in front of the computer, time stops and I get that sweet and warm feeling that makes you smile whenever you create something with your own hands. – Simeon Patarozliev