6 Great Ways for New and Experienced Bloggers to Avoid Writer’s Block


My fingers stopped clicking on the keys. The keyboard fell silent. My mind, so normally full of words, thoughts and stories, was dangerously blank. What was I going to write about?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or fairly experienced blogger, there are always going to be times when you are hit by the dreaded bloggers-block. In fact, as an experienced blogger it can sometimes feel as if you have nothing left to write about. You’ve already done it all.

This was my situation. Here is how I topped up my ideas and got my fingers clicking on the keyboard again.

1. Get ideas by reading your competitor’s blogs

I am not advocating plagiarism or theft of someone else’s content.

For avoidance of doubt. Let me state that again.

I am not advocating plagiarism or theft of someone else’s content.

However, keeping an eye on what your competitors write can be a great way to give you new ideas on how to write a blog. It may give you new angles on old stories. I can certainly help produce many a blog post. Use what they have written to prompt you to write your own article. After all your readership wants to know what you think about something, not a rehashed version of what someone else things about it.

2. Read books based on your subject

Any professional worth their salt will keep their knowledge fresh and regularly read around their subject. You may be familiar with what has been written, but might see ideas for a blog post from their angle on the subject.

3. Go back to longer articles or books you have written for content

I’m fortunate to have written three books (the third book, The Go-To-Expert, is due to be published on 1 March 2014). Within all three of these books are masses of content. This is content which can sometimes be lifted whole from the manuscript for a complete blog post; or be used to prompt a new blog post.

4. Regularly ask your mailing list for ideas

When anyone signs up to my mailing list I always ask them for their biggest issue or burning challenge. Whilst this rarely instantly shakes out a hot lead (although it can), it’s given me many great ideas for a new blog post. At least 20% of everything I write about on How to make partner comes from asking my subscribers this question. Also by the time I have written out an answer to the question, it’s taken the heavy lifting out of writing the blog post.

5. Have a content plan

A content plan is where you spend time thinking about what you are going to write about in advance. As well as helping you to schedule much of your blogging in advance, it is a great way of making sure you keep writing – even when you don’t know what to write.

6. Subscribe to your competitors and clients newsletters

Once again, this is not about plagiarism. This is about using this source of content to prompt ideas for you to write about.

What do you do to conquer writers block when you have run out of ideas on what to blog?

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