6 Advantages of Becoming a Nurse Practitioner


Perhaps one of the main reasons nurse practitioners are at the front lines of health care is because they are some of the most highly educated in the nursing field. Being that they’ve given more of an independent role than that of their “nursing” counterparts,  many nurse practitioners are already running their own clinics.

Their commitment to providing quality service and compassionate care to a diverse range of people makes this a both lucrative and fulfilling career path.

As an NP, you’re pretty much guaranteed the ability to explore your passions in health care, whatever they may be:

  • Family health
  • Women’s health
  • Adult health
  • Pediatric
  • Acute care

Or if those areas don’t necessarily pique your interest, you can always branch out into areas of teaching, research and even administration.

If this illustration by Ohio University’s Online Master of Science in Nursing is anything to go by, investing in this particular field may be well worth the time and money. Especially since 10 years from now, job demand is expected to grow at least 23%.

6 Advantages of Becoming a Nurse Practitioner image nurse practitioner

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