5 Ways Yoga Can Help You Make The Most Of SMW


SMW promises to be a busy week, and we want to help you get the most out of it. That’s why we think yoga will help you. Here our 5 ways you can bring the yoga zen to your SMW experience:

  1. Come to Yoga Every Morning
    Come As You Are – in jeans, in corduroys, in Under Armor, or even in your high heels… wait… actually, it’s probably best to leave those at the door. Regardless, what better way to prepare for a long day of workshops, lectures, networking and socializing at SMW than by starting  with a little breath and circulation?
  2. Talk To Someone Who Intrigues You
    (Requirement: must be a stranger)

    We’re all about building community & getting outside of our comfort zone.

  3. Go To One Talk That You Think You’re NOT Interested In
    Why have a narrow perspective? The Third Annual Beer Pong Tournament is a given — can’t miss that! However, maybe by going to something that’s off your radar you’ll have your mind blown and deepen your overall experience.
  4. Strike A Pose While Waiting In Line
    If downward facing dog in the middle of the conference feels extreme, why not just do a posture check? We all know slouching is bad for you. Plus, it’s just not sexy. Sit upright. When you’re upright, you’re up for anything, more alert, more likely to make eye contact with another upright person, and who knows what might happen from there?
  5. At The End Of Every Presentation Come Up with One Quick Take-Away and #SMW14
    When you attend a conference, you’re bombarded with so much information! Little aphorisms are a great way to remember larger chunks of information. Why not try to limit your take-away to 140 characters (those twitter guys were really onto something), and tweet your nuggets? Hashtag #SMW14!

P.S. Bonus Track! Check out our Master Class, Your Spine Online, where we will educate you on the most current research on going mobile vs being mobile.  Trust us, your spine can’t afford to miss this!

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