5 Tips for Stronger Social Media


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Your overall digital marketing strategy is made up of multiple elements that all feed into the bigger picture. Ideally, you want each element to work in tandem, from your email marketing, to your blog to your social media.

When it comes to your social media especially, keeping a cohesive presence throughout all the various platforms is key to communicating a clear message and building up a strong image of your brand.

Keeping your social media channels integrated and consistent helps you make your social media presence stronger and more productive – and here are 5 tips to help you do just that:

1. Share and Share Alike

You don’t need me to tell you that social media is about sharing. Sharing across all your social media platforms is reaching out to your widest possible audience and it is also doubling or even tripling the chance they will see it. Missed that Tweet? Don’t worry it’s on Google+ too.

Got a great blog post? Share it everywhere! There’s no need to focus on just Twitter or LinkedIn, post it on Facebook, pin it on Pinterest do anything you can with it to get the word out there. Multiple shares leads to multiple engagements.

2. It’s All About Image

Across every part of your social media, branding should be very much a part of your strategy. From the profile pictures you use, to layouts, colors and logos – leave no stone unturned.

So much of social media is visual communication, so visually branding your social media communication at every level maintains a consistent look and feel throughout while also doing wonders for your brand awareness.

3. Don’t Let the Side Down

Often the issue with having multiple social media channels is maintaining them all to the same level. One can regularly get left behind because of lack of engagement, low productivity or just not enough time.

One weak link can start to bring down the rest. Have a great Twitter account but your Facebook is lacking? Why back yourself into a social media dead end? Try to continue the conversation in as many places as possible.

It could mean scaling back activity on one site to focus on boosting another, but being consistently active in all your social media, rather than an unbalanced portfolio of active and inactive accounts, will keep your engagement high and your network interested.

4. All Roads Lead to Rome

One of the cardinal sins of social media if neglecting to include a link to your website. It’s more common than you think. Your social media accounts are not out there by themselves, they are extensions of your blog which leads to your website and ultimately comes back to your business.

Think of your social media as sign posts, all pointing in the same direction. In the back of your mind you are always trying to encourage your network to follow the signs from social media, through to your content and where you can have their undivided attention.

5. Look at the Bigger Picture

As I’ve said, your social media accounts don’t just operate by themselves – they all for part of your wider strategy. So instead of planning your strategy across one social media, why not work across three or four? Think of how the activity on one account can reflect on another and how they can work together. Stronger social media is an extension of your overall digital marketing strategy so in planning your social media strategy, keep your overall strategy in mind.

Maintaining consistency across your social media takes a lot of forward planning and micro managing. For social media to work everything needs to work together – sharing content across multiple platforms, reaching the widest possible audience, keeping your branding in clear view and making sure you’re working towards a common goal.

Could your social media do with a work out or is it pulling its weight?

If you’re in any doubt about the strength of your social media strategy, why not take a look at our Definitive Guide to B2B Social Media

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