City of angels, great city of immortals, city of royal palaces… The ceremonial name for Bangkok holds the Guinness record for the longest place name and eulogises the city in no small measures! The bustling capital of Thailand is a perennial favourite with travellers, both budget backpackers and luxury vacationers. A lot has been said about Bangkok’s street food, the night markets and floating markets… a real shopping mecca. Here’s a glimpse of a different side of Bangkok, things you should do to get that local flavour and experience.

As you may be aware, Thailand is going through a political upheaval. In fact, there had been several demonstrations a week before I visited (in mid-December 2013). While I was in Bangkok, I did not face any trouble. However, do check out the official travel advisory before you plan a trip.

With that disclaimer in place, here’s my pick of 5 things you must do in Bangkok. Sawadee Kha – Welcome!

1. Get a bird’s eye view of Bangkok

Bangkok’s skyline boasts of some really tall buildings, but the tallest among them all is the Baiyoke Sky Hotel. Located in the heart of downtown Bangkok, Thailand’s tallest tower is home to several restaurants. Take the elevator to the 82nd floor to Crystal Grill, which has a massive buffet of seafood, grilled meats and veggies. Watch the chefs in action in the open kitchen. Then enjoy your meal while overlooking the gleaming lights of Bangkok. After your meal, head over to the Observatory Point, a revolving deck on the 84th floor. As the deck does a slow 360-degree turn, you will see golden, ribbon-like snaking freeways, impressively tall buildings… all the way up to the Gulf of Thailand.

Prachi View from Baiyoke Hotel2

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