5 Things NOT to Instagram From Your Holiday Party


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The holidays are an exciting, but busy time. Of course you deserve to relax, cut loose and have a little fun at your company’s holiday party. But before you break out your phone to snap a picture, stop and think. Do you really want this moment to live on in social media? Do your co-workers?

Not even an Instagram filter could make these photos safe for social.

  1. Confidential Information
    If you’re having the holiday party in your office make sure you’re not capturing anything in the background that you wouldn’t want to be made public.confidential info copy
  2. Embarrassing Shots of Your Co-workers
    Did Sarah from Accounting have a little too much punch? She’ll be embarrassed enough tomorrow — don’t make her go viral, too.

    passed out coworker copy

    Did Dave get a little too excited when Lady Gaga’s “Applause” came on? Don’t make his dance break live on forever.

    dancing coworker copy

  3. The Tab

    Did your company go all out for the holiday bash? A tweet or two about how generous your CEO is one thing—an Instagram of the huge tab is quite another.

    bar tab

  4. Negative Comments
    Okay, so maybe you don’t love your coworkers. Or maybe the party turned out to be a little dull. That doesn’t mean your negative comments won’t be seen by someone they shouldn’t be. Keep those thoughts to yourself and off Instagram.

    Negative Comments

  5. The Day-After Selfie
    Went a little overboard? Don’t share your hangover with the social web—especially if you’re “calling in sick” the next day.

    hangover selfie

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