5 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2014 [Infographic]


This year, all the signs point to increased marketing budgets with heavy focus on social and content marketing. While marketers know there’s value in social, in 2014, they’re getting more focused on being more strategic about their efforts and measuring results.

According to an infographic from social media marketing agency Offerpop, there are five marketing trends to watch for 2014 — along with some supporting stats.

  1. Consumers will become the content marketers. Based on the data, marketers will leverage more user-generated content for marketing campaigns. Ford demonstrated this tack brilliantly with the recent #mustanginspires campaign, which engaged artists and Instagram users to create videos about what inspires them.
  2. More social integration into traditional marketing. It’s not enough to simply use multiple channels, brands are starting to weave all of their campaigns together. According the Offerpop infographic, nearly 50 percent of consumers watch TV with a mobile device in hand and nearly 90 percent of marketers see this as a burgeoning opportunity.
  3. Linking email with social media marketing. Along the same vein as integrating traditional and social media marketing, brands are realizing that combining email with social media can have powerful results. The Pinterest-based Kahlua holiday campaign yielded in 16,000 new email subscribers; that’s 16,000 new consumers who said yes to receiving Kahlua promotions directly to their inboxes.
  4. More social commerce. As of now, social only represents one percent of all ecommerce. However, according to Offerpop, brands are looking to increase the social-driven conversions in 2014. And it makes sense as nearly 75 percent of consumers use social media to guide purchasing decisions and predictions indicate that nearly 50 million consumers will use mobile coupons this year.
  5. More social media campaigns overall. As more brands find value in social media marketing, others are looking to get in on the party. The benefit to social campaigns, according to Offerpop, is in the ability to launch content on the fly. Of course, while more content is generally better, marketers should still keep the tenets of timing, quality and relevancy for the best results in consumer engagement.

Check out the infographic below.


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