5 Founders and CEOs to Watch at SMW NYC


One of the things we are most excited about this SMW is the chance to hear from the people who are busy disrupting industries and using technology to help people connect in meaningful ways. These are 5 speakers that we know you won’t want to miss!

  1. Neil Blumenthal, Co-founder: Warby Parker
    Warby Parker is one of today’s most successful startups, having disrupted the eyewear industry, simultaneously proving that making money and doing good don’t have to be at odds. Don’t miss the chance to hear Warby Parker co-founder, Neil Blumenthal, share his insightful and unique vantage point.
  2. Nancy Lublin, CEO: Dosomething.org
    What can you do without money, an adult or a car? A whole lot! Nancy Lublin, founder of Dosmething.org has discovered incredibly effective ways to leverage technology to engage teens in social change initiatives. As a pioneer in the both the youth and non-profit fields, Nancy is one speaker you won’t want to miss!
  3. Steve Case, CEO: Revolution
    Steve Case has led an unparallel career of innovation beginning as a co-founder at AOL in 1985 to his current position as CEO of Revolution, a DC-based venture firm. Revolution backed companies over 30 companies including FedBid, Bigcommerce, LivingSocial, Zipcar, AddThis and Everyday Health. Join us as we hear from Steve about what he looks for in potential investments and which industries are ripe for disruption.
  4. Joe Marchese, Founder and CEO: TrueX
    We know that our attention spans are only getting shorter as is our patience for bad advertisements. So what does this mean for marketing and advertising in the futures? CEO of TrueX, Joe Marchese, will discuss today’s Attention Economics and what this means for advertisers in the digital age.
  5. Caroline Ghosn, Founder and CEO: Levo League
    Quickly after graduating from Stanford, Caroline Ghosn, realized that colleagues with mentors were moving up much faster than those without. Determined to level out the playing field for young women, Caroline started Levo League, using technology to beter connect young women with mentors. Meet Caroline as she speaks with other prominent women about careers, mentorship and equality in leadership.

These are only 5 of more than 55 incredible speakers who will be at SMW14: check here for the full list of speakers and get your pass today!

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