5 Brands Who are Doing Vine Right


Short-form video is hot topic for marketers and brands as they seek to engage their customers and create viral content. Platforms like Vine have opened new channels for companies to connect with customers in real time and connect with relevant influences. And when done right, it’s amazing to watch. Unruly knows it’s a popular medium, and even put out their expectations for it in 2014.

So, in honor of Vine’s first birthday last week, here are a few of our favorite brands vining proper:

  1. Oreo Cookie
    Remakes of your favorite movies starring an Oreo Cookie.

  2. Lowe’s
    This changes everything.
  3. GE
    It’s not magic, it’s science!
  4. GAP
    Deciding what to wear has never been easier.
  5. Volkswagon
    Shark Week meets VW in the best way possible.

Want more? Make sure you catch Unruly in action at SMW NYC this February at their masterclass and event at Campus!

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