5 Basic Social Media Mistakes Brands Make


5 Basic Social Media Mistakes Brands Make image smm mistakes

Social media marketing is a necessity in today’s fast digital world – and by now, you have the basics down. You know better than to let your social account become a strategic-less free-for-all and you wouldn’t dare post content without doing a spellcheck skim. Yet bustling companies can get stuck on autopilot when it comes to implementation.

As the days get busier and social media melds more into marketing second nature, it’s easy to let details slip by. More awareness and knowledge in the social media sphere, however, means more competition online. In fact, in a Social Media Marketing Industry Report, over 80% of marketers indicate that social media is an important part of their business.

In order to ensure your business keeps up with – and stands out from – other companies with a strong social presence, avoid the following social media marketing mistakes:

1. Posting poor quality images. Nearly half of Facebook users are more likely to engage with a brand if they post pictures. More importantly, however, is image resolution and quality – professional-quality photo content generated the most feedback in a marketing survey, with 121% more Facebook shares.

Quality images are also vital on networks such as Pinterest and Instagram. Social trends continue to favor visual-focused layouts and content – it typically attracts users before words. Search Engine Land explains it best, in relation to Pinterest: “The better the quality of your photos, the more pins you’ll get.” This translates to increased visibility and traffic.

2. Rare and inconsistent content updates. Even if you’re posting good content, a sporadic schedule (such as focusing on Facebook for a few days, then Twitter, etc.) can throw off your audience. It takes time and consistency to build a presence and following on social networks, so some sort of plan is necessary.

Of course, the amount you should post on social networks varies. For instance, you can tweet as often as you’d like, but we recommend keeping it between 1-3 posts on Facebook each day. The important thing to remember is to post at least four to five times a week on each network so that people begin to recognize your company voice and value.

3. Ignoring user questions and feedback. One of the biggest assets of social media is publicity. This can be greatly beneficial if used correctly, but can backfire if your company is not listening to fans or followers. For example, everyone viewing your social pages can take note of all of the questions left unanswered, and this can shape consumer opinions on care and credibility.

So although this is dependent on internal policies as well, it’s important to acknowledge concerns and comments on social pages (even if that just means referring them to a customer service email).

4. Using the copy-and-paste approach on all networks. Each social network has a unique user demographic and is used for different purposes. For example: LinkedIn is a professional network, while Facebook is more friend-focused, and Google+ falls somewhere in between. Gender wise, Pinterest is largely female, while Reddit attracts more males. The messages you’re posting to market your content or specific products/services should consider those demographics (unless you are focused on niche targeting).

Plus, a fan on Facebook may follow you on Twitter as well – presenting several opportunities to capture their attention with new versions of highlights or messages.

5. Too much self-promotion. Although the ultimate goal of your business strategy is to sell more of your products or services, it isn’t as effective to advertise in a one-way fashion. Social media is all about conversations and connections, necessitating a more comprehensive approach.

The 80/20 rule is often used on social networks, with ads and sale-centric content composing 20% of your strategy, and the other 80% consisting of added value for your fans/followers. This is highly industry-specific, but can include social cross-promotion and blogs.

Social media marketing can greatly impact traffic and sales if optimized correctly. Contact ZOG Digital for social media marketing and optimization solutions today.

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