3D-Printed Splint Helps Baby Breathe Again




When a baby was afflicted with a condition that blocked his ability to breathe, professors at the University of Michigan developed a 3D-printed splint that saved the child’s life.

Baby Kaiba Gionfriddo was only six weeks old when he stopped breathing and turned blue, as explained in the video above. Doctors discovered Kaiba had severe tracheobronchomalacia, a condition that causes a collapse of the windpipe, blocking the body’s flow of air. This rare condition affects only 1 in 2,200 babies.

When treatments failed to help, Kaiba’s doctors went to the University of Michigan. That’s where two professors — Dr. Glenn Green, associate professor of pediatric otolaryngology, and Scott Hollister, professor of biomedical engineering & mechanical engineering and associate professor of surgery — used pioneering technology to come up with a solution. Read more…

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