3 Tips for Social Media Managers Working Remotely


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Social media can be done from anywhere in the world that there is an internet connection. There’s no need to ever go into the office when you can do everything from your couch or home office. Often times when I see that JetBlue or Virgin America billboards promoting “Work from anywhere” I often want to hop on a plane to some exotic destination with WiFi.

But remote workers can either work way too much or get distracted easily. The perks (flex time, working in your pajamas, etc.) far outweigh the cons, but here are three tips for combating the cons

  1. Get up and move!
    Now it might not be feasible to get a standing desk, but schedule time away from the computer for at least 30 minutes (even if you have to break it up into 10 minute increments) is healthier for you. Go walk the dog, go buy a coffee, or go get the mail. Your eyes will thank you for it too.
  2. Stick to your schedule.
    It’s so easy to get sucked into something else when managing social media remotely that if you don’t stick to your schedule, you’ll regret it. Go a step further and put your schedule on your calendar or at least the important “must do” things. You’ll be grateful in the long run, even if you do hit  ”Snooze” ten times.
  3. Get dressed.
    It’s so easy to sit around in your pajamas all day when you work from home and manage social media. After all, no one is going to see you, right? But when you don’t get dressed or showered, it prohibits you from getting up and doing things because you have the excuse, “I’m not even dressed” in your head already.  By getting dressed, it allows you to go and get that coffee at the corner coffee shop. It allows you to run an errand or go and check for the mail.  And, video calls are a welcome treat!

Think you can do it?

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