3 Reasons We Need More Female Leaders and Mentors


The benefits of having a mentor in the workplace are rarely disputed — mentors help guide you along the path of your career and advocate for you in crucial situations. Having a mentor can be the difference between getting ahead in your career and staying put. However, of people being mentored, very few are being mentored by women! We need more women to act as mentors and more women in leadership overall. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. The glass ceiling still exists!
    Though the numbers of women in the workplace are evening out in junior levels, there is still an incredible imbalance of women in leadership at the executive level. When women enter the workplace, it is important that they have examples to look up to, as well as mentors to advocate for their advancement.
  2. It is good for business!
    Businesses have female customers- it only makes sense that having women in leadership would help businesses cultivate relationships with their female customers and provide them with the services they want. Additionally, businesses with more gender balance tend to see larger increases in financial security.
  3. They create better workplace culture!
    Because gender disparities still exist in the workplace, it is important that female mentors help both men and women navigate and consciously work to improve equality. Equality makes the workplace more diverse, which leads to more innovation and creativity.

It’s a topic that is very dear to our hearts here at Social Media Week. With our Gender 50/50 initiative, we’ve been focusing on how we can bring a better gender balance in all areas. Our own founder, Toby Daniels, recently shared his own experience with having a female mentor. So, you can imagine it’s a topic we’ll be featuring throughout SMW14.

7×7: Industry Veterans Share Stories and Career Advice on Achieving Leadership Equality in SMW New York brings an opportunity for females to receive some incredible mentoring during SMW14. You can apply to be mentored here, and attend here.

Then, Social Media Week Lagos is hosting an incredible event, Women Doing Business the Social Way: How Women Entrepreneurs Can Use Social Media to Build a Business, that will showcase the power of women in to drive business through social channels. This panel, hosted by Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre will look at ways that women can grow their businesses using social tools- empowering them to succeed in their business ventures. This panel of incredible women looks like the perfect place to meet your next mentor!

Can’t make it to these two? Check out our events in other SMW cities focused on how women are changing the world through technology! Register here to get in on the SMW action, February 17-21!

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