3 Lessons You Can Learn From the Top 10 Corporate Blogs of 2014

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Social Fresh, a social media training company, recently held a competition where they were searching for the 10 top corporate blogs of 2014.

Nearly 100 blogs were nominated to make the list, and a group of social media gurus/judges were tasked with knocking that list down to the top 10.

The judges included:

Jay Baer (@JayBaer) NY Times bestselling author and president of the social media and content marketing consultancy Convince & Convert.
Katie Morse (@MissKatieMo) Head of Social Media at Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter, Blogger at KickKickSnare.com.
Augie Ray (@AugieRay) Customer Experience & Social Business leader, former Forrester analyst & social media lead at USAA, still blogging at ExperienceTheBlog.com.
Michael Brito (@Britopian) Group Director, Social Strategy at W2O Group.
Brian Honigman (@BrianHonigman) a marketing consultantfreelance writer and contributing writer to the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, the Huffington Post, Forbes, the Next Web, Mashable and others.

Social Fresh Judges

Based on calls to action, content quality/consistency and audience engagement the judges honored the following blogs as the Top 10 Corporate Blogs of 2014.

Buffer Social (Buffer)
Inbound Hub (HubSpot)
Simply Measured
First Round Review (First Round Capital)
Post Planner
Socially Stacked (ShortStack) <— That’s us!
The Whole Story (Whole Foods)
Modern Marketing Blog (Oracle/Eloqua)
The Abandoned Cart (SalesCycle)

I’m not going to lie, I did a happy dance when I discovered that we made this list! And we’re in great company with some of our favorite fellow bloggers.

Per any top list there’s always something that can be learned from the people and businesses who are being recognized for their work.

Whether you’re a large or small business and whether your blog is non existent or successful there are a few lessons that can be learned from these top blogs.

1. Post Consistently

If you’re looking to increase traffic and readership to your blog, consider upping your content frequency.

When we first launched Socially Stacked we were posting twice a week. When we decided that we wanted to make our blog into a hub of information, best practices and tips for social media users, we decided to change our content frequency from twice a week to every day. We increased our blog visits from 1,000 monthly to 60,000 monthly within six months.

It may sound like a lot of work, and it is, but it’s worth it.

It may also sound like you need a huge team to create that much content, but you don’t. At ShortStack we have a content marketing team of three and Buffer has written about how they manage to crank out a daily post with just two people.

Every blog on Social Fresh’s top 10 list publishes content multiple times a week, if not daily. There are even a few, like Simply Measured and HubSpot who put out multiple articles a day.

The more material you put on your blog the more reason people have to visit your site every day.

2. Be Relevant

This may sound like a no brainer, but if your business is a Facebook marketing company don’t spend your days writing blog posts about how to be better on Instagram and Pinterest. Let the Instagram and Pinterest experts cover that.

Let’s compare our blog with KISSmetrics. KISSmetrics is a social media analytics platform and ShortStack is a software that businesses use to build social media campaigns.

Here’s a quick glance at five recent articles we’ve posted:

Facebook’s Like-Gate Ban Takes Effect Today

How to Create Designer-Quality Images (Even if You’re Not a Designer)

Understanding Bid Types for Facebook Advertising

Five Holiday Facebook Strategies

The Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Guide for Business

Now let’s take a look at KISSmetrics:

• Is Adblock Plus Killing Your Conversions?
• How to Create Mobile Marketing as Unique as Your Users
• How to Structure a Longform Landing Page for Maximum Conversions
• Everything You Need to Know About The Psychology of the Call To Action
• 7 Essential Intelligence Events for Your Google Analytics Account

You’ll notice that KISSmetrics focuses on articles that help businesses with converting and analyzing their social media, while we focus on providing general best practices and tips for social media users. Although we’re both in the business of social media, our blogs are focused on what we each specialize in, resulting in an engaged blog audience.

3. Mix It Up

If the thought of creating content every single day stresses you out, it’s okay!

The good news is you don’t need to think of something new and unique to say on a daily basis.

Nearly every blog on this list mixes up their content with original pieces, infographics, or breakdowns of studies and articles they’ve seen online.

At Socially Stacked we post an original article every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we post infographics from other sources or ourselves. This takes some of the pressure off of our content team but it also allows us to link-back to some other great bloggers and companies.

Post Planner is great at taking interesting studies and creating a valuable blog post from them. They recently took a SlideShare from TrackMaven about the best and worst times to post on social media and turned the key points into a blog post for their readers.

Having a business blog provides your company and employees with a platform to share their knowledge and expertise on your industry. It builds credibility for brands, helps drive traffic to your site and social channels and gives a voice to your brand.

What are some of your favorite blogs to follow?