3 hot marketing trends for 2014


There’s still time to tweak your 2014 marketing plan. You may want to add location-based apps, niche social media sites and mobile to it.

By Stacey Miller | Posted: January 27, 2014

Marketers forecast many trends for 2014. Some trends continue existing ones, and others use new technology. All offer smart marketers the opportunity to get ahead of the competition.

Consider whether these three trends below can help you reach your 2014 marketing goals.

1. Niche social media sites

Snapchat and Vine are two niche social media sites that offer new ways to reach customers. If Snapchat’s recent rejection of Facebook’s $ 3 billion offer is any indication, 2014 will be the year to get your brand on niche social media sites.

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2. Location-based targeting

Localize your content so it’s personal and relevant to each customer.

Build location services into your app to deliver content and search results to each user’s exact location; this provides context. For example, Oakley Smart Glass shows skiers their speed, their elevation, where their friends are on the mountain and other useful information.

3. Mobile

More than 1 billion people worldwide own smartphones; 143 million live in the U.S. The relatively low price of these mini computers lets marketers reach large sections of the population that did not have Internet access. If you’re not mobile-accessible, you should design your website for, or adapt it to, mobile in 2014.

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This article originally appeared on PR Web. 

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