3 Global SMW Events Explore What Social Media Means for Electoral Politics


Over the past few years, politics has been an important part of the SMW conversation. Featuring speakers from embassies around the globe, mayors, and advisors, like Alec Ross and Susan Crawford, we know government is shifting. But how will social media impact the political processes of the future? Join us for these events in Lagos, Bangalore and Copenhagen that investigate past elections and estimate the impact social media will have on the politics of the future.

  1. Copenhagen: Can you translate social media engagement into votes, or is it all about the big data?

    Can social media engage voters all the way to the ballot box? This panel made up of campaign managers, advisers and a European Parliamentary candidate look back on Denmark’s recent election and project how social media will play a role in upcoming elections. Stay tuned for the announcement of a secret guest to be announced ahead of the event!

  2. Lagos: Social Media & Elections: The SMTC Story

    The Social Media Tracking Center (SMTC) was created to collect data centered around voters interactions with the Nigeria’s 2011 election. In this event, Enough is Enough Nigeria will look at what we have learned from both the SMTC and the similar centers it has inspired in other African countries.

  3. Bangalore: 2014 Elections, will Social Media be a Game Changer?

    As India prepares for its big election in the upcoming year, this timely event will look into the impact of social media on the campaign, new ways that voters will interact with candidates and how social media might influence electoral transparency.

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