Aren’t you bored of the teddy bears and picture frames and chocolates (we do love chocolate, but still!) Well, here are some rather alternative and intelligent gifts to give that person you love this February 14th. All products are from The School of Life, devoted to developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture. They address everything from how to master the art of relationships to achieving calm and how better to understand and, where necessary, change the world.

15 Minutes£20

Make time for what matters.

To make sure 2014 really counts, this finely crafted glass timer reminds us to carve out fifteen minutes each day for that which is truly important to us. Fifteen minutes isn’t very long, and that’s the point: it’s longer than we often dedicate towards our priorities – being attentive to a partner, appraising our career path or playing with a child. This beautiful timer prompts us to realign our schedules and make time for the things that matter most.


Emotional Baggage£35

Learn to carry it well. Everyone has it; the trick is to carry it elegantly. 

We are all familiar with the traumas and tribulations of emotional baggage, be it the disappointment of a failed relationship or the woes of a disastrous business venture. They key is learning how to manage these emotional undercurrents, to set them in context and understand how we might lighten the load. This heavy duty cotton canvas tote celebrates one of the most glamorous projects we can undertake: carrying our emotional baggage well and with style.

Heavy-duty canvas tote | khaki green with white print | 100% cotton |37.5 x 40 cm


Toolkit for LifeVol. 260.00 

Intelligent self-help

Newly launched for 2014 is the School of Life’s Toolkit for Life II. These intelligent and rigorous self-help books have been put together by some of the top minds in the field. Leading writers, philosophers, journalists and explorers examine some of the great issues of life – loneliness, exercise, coping with adversity, growing old, emotional health and rekindling our relationship with nature.

A set of six paperback books | hardcover slipcase | 130 x 185 x 80mm

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