3 Events to Bust Your Technical Chops at SMW NYC


If you are looking to get your feet wet in the world of coding and programming, Social Media Week is the perfect place to start! Beginners need not be intimidated at these classes designed to cover the need-to-know technical skills for marketers and entrepreneurs.

  1. Programming For Non-Programmers
    Even if you are not a programmer, odds are you will be working with one regularly. Taught by the head of product at One Month Rails, this masterclass will help you speak the language of developers and introduce you to the fundamentals of programming. Learn the importance of UX design, the subtle differences between front-end and back-end and get answers to questions of your own.
  2. WordPress as Social Hub: Plug-ins, Optimization, and Tools for Maximizing Your Online Presence
    Powering nearly 20% of the web, WordPress is a powerful tool to manage online content and is definitely one worth mastering. Learn basic content organization for WordPress along with the bells and whistles (aka, plugins) available to optimize your web performance at this SMW session. Get the most out of your web presence with SEO best practices, social media integration and more.
  3. Build an Effective Email Newsletter (From Scratch!) with Basic HTML & CSS: Turn Likes into Sales
    Learn the ABC’s of email marketing, from how to create custom themes using HTML and CSS to what types of content drive clicks.  At this masterclass hosted by Shuttershock and Skillfeed, study examples of effective marketing emails and learn to create your own. Then hit send and watch the sales roll in!

Learn a new skill, and then unwind at Womma Wine Wednesdays . To join us for more exciting events as we explore the topics of entrepreneurship, marketing, and health and wellness, register here!

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