3 Campaigns to Keep Your Travel Business Booked Beyond the Holidays

Posted by Jessica Miller on 31 Oct 2014 / 0 Comment

You folks out there earning your bread in the travel industry know a thing or two about feast and famine. When the summer and winter holiday seasons arrive, rooms are booked, flights are full, and everyone in the business is living large. But when the months roll on and no one’s visiting granny or tanning on the beach, how do you keep your customers interested in traveling?


Campaigns are a great way to keep your audience engaged all year long, and all it will cost you is a room, a meal or some tickets which might have gone unbooked — so what have you got to lose? If you’re in the travel industry, here are three great campaign ideas to keep your audience engaged during those travel season lulls.

Build A Simple, Beautiful Instagram Contest

At ShortStack, we’re Campaign experts and if there’s one thing we preach to our users, it’s simplicity. Keep your Campaigns simple and you’ll get better results. Hilton Hotels has managed to execute the simplest Campaign while keeping it engaging and relevant to their core business. The result? A thing of beauty.

To participate in Hilton’s Instagram Campaign, people enter a travel photo to Instagram using the hashtag #HiltonStory. The photos are fed into the campaign, and voila! A beautiful, simple Campaign that promotes the Hilton brand, invites participation and inspires travel. Visitors to the Campaign view it like a slideshow. We dare you to watch it and not be motivated to book your next vacation — or at least start dreaming about it! 



Highlight a Special Local Event

If your job is to promote a destination, a great way to entice visitors in the off season is to highlight some of the destination’s local events and festivals. October is Culinary Month in Vancouver and to highlight this time of the year, Vancouver is giving away a “North Shore Culinary Adventure” which includes a hotel stay, brewery tasting, dinner for two at a local restaurant, and some gift cards to local eateries and foodie shops. I’m not a travel expert, but I would be confident in saying that the vast majority of folks wouldn’t think to travel to Vancouver in the fall, but running a campaign like this may just plant the travel bug.


RailEurope Advertises While it Engages with a Photo Contest

Photo vote contests are engaging because entrants are tasked with drumming up votes for their entry. This means they share your Campaign with anyone and everyone who could help them win the prize. Photo contests, like the Hilton campaign previously mentioned, are great for engaging an audience, but the voting component will help you increase virality as well. Check out this campaign from RailEurope using a simple photo contest to entice entrants. As an added bonus, the submitted photos advertise the incredible sights one might see while traveling along the European railway. Bravo! If you head over to RailEurope’s Campaign from the link above, trust us: All the photos of the Eiffel Tour, the canals in Venice and Caribbean sunsets will have you itching to book a trip.


Are you in the travel industry? What are your ideas to generate business during travel slumps?