20 Ways to Rebrand Yourself As A Brand Content Creator


How can you rebrand yourself as a content marketing and social expert? Want to rise to the top of content creation? This is a question Masthead Media Company strove to answer this SMW NYC. Featuring Anne Chertoff, Jason Kaufman of Weber Shandwick, Nathan Lump of Condé Nast, and Elizabeth Miersch at Equinox, there were more than a few takeaways. Here are the 20 ways they surmised is the best way to rebrand yourself:

  1. Do research before becoming a freelancer. Ask yourself questions like “What do I want to write about?” and “Which brands do I want to speak for?”
  2. Create a personal network of contacts.
  3. Make sure that you’re accomplishing the business goals of the brand.
  4. Generating revenue for the brand is important.
  5. Make sure your contribution to the brand is clear.
  6. Create content in the form of storytelling.
  7. Put soul into your stories.
  8. Clients have a sense of what they want but they have no idea what they actually want. You need to develop an idea.
  9. Sometimes clients already have an idea of what exactly they want. You need to provide insight on why their idea works or why it might not work.
  10. Educate yourself on the rules of marketing. For example, know the rules around quoting someone or using an image.
  11. Understand the brand’s audience and what makes them “tick.”
  12. Know the basics of your practice.
  13. Reference brands that have successfully incorporated content marketing.
  14. Be flexible. You have to change your voice depending on the brand.
  15. Don’t just ask “What’s our message?” Ask “What do people want to see?”
  16. You tell stories, marketers work to hit the bottom line. Working together is key.
  17. Familiarize yourself with companies and agencies where your skill might be needed.
  18. Don’t be stuck on titles! It’s more about how the job description fits.
  19. Shape your experience to make it more brand-related especially on networking sites like LinkedIn. Be specific and use key terms like content strategist or branded content!
  20. Clean up your social networks. You become a representative of the brand.

These are just some basic steps on preparing for the hardships that comes with being a freelancer. Remember that you don’t have to be an expert to enter the profession. You enter the profession, then you become an expert.

Zainab Oni is a senior at Hudson High School of Learning Technologies who will be attending the University of Virginia in the fall. Zainab has been a member of the MOUSE Corps program for four years. Follow Zainab on Twitter @McMotherboard.

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