14 Lemon Heads Grumpier Than Grumpy Cat


lemon headPreviously we searched the web to give you 10 cats that were actually grumpier than grumpy cat, but it turns out there are quite a few more lemon heads out there. Apparently, not all of them are too impressed with all the extra attention these days either, and would greatly appreciate if we could just leave them be to their day-long slumbers, ill-prepared meals or whatever the hell they’d like to be doing in some peace and quiet!


What are you feeding me human?

what are you feeding me human?


Nom Nom

nom nom


Mirror mirror on the wall

mirror mirror on the wall


Please remove your face human

please remove your face human


Can’t you see I’m sleeping?

sleepy cat


And what’s with all these ridiculous getups?

move along


And top hats

show's over


Or Harry Potter costumes…

harry potter


Not proper etiquette




no fun zone


So maybe it’s time to stop all this?

not now





Motion Denied

no argumentvia imgur