13 Ways To Have A Very Star Wars Christmas


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If you ask me, celebrating the holidays as an adult is about 300 times more fun than it was as a kid. You can wake up when you feel like it, open your presents when you want to, and you can even polish off one of those tubes of cookie dough with the reindeer faces inside, and no one ever has to know. But beyond the ability to put the ‘N Sync Christmas album on repeat without facing a beating from your older brother, you can have a Star Wars Christmas.

Festivus pole, manger scene featuring the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Griswold-style lighting display? If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Although you still need to pay taxes and show up to work and all that, the freedom to get a little crazy with your holiday decor is part of what makes being an adult a whole lot of awesome.

Therefore, if you have a geeky side, the holidays are the perfect time to let your freak flag fly. At Bit Rebels, we want to help you have the greatest, geekiest and fun filled holiday season of your adult life, which is why we put together this intergalactic grab bag of Star Wars decorations. If you can’t find something geekalicious to buy for yourself or your friends, then you simply are no geek.

Sit back, relax and have a gander through this geeky gift list while you chug some eggnog and get crazy. It is in the nature of a geek to geek out every holiday season, especially Christmas, so all you need to do is to make sure you strap yourself in and put those geeky glasses on. You are going to get the ride of a lifetime checking these awesome Star Wars gifts out, now that’s for certain.

13 Items That Ensure Very Star Wars Christmas

star wars christmas presents

star wars christmas presents

star wars christmas presents

star wars christmas presents

darth vader santa claus

darth vader yoda applique stockings

Christmas Yoda Figure

severed wampa arm

star wars christmas tree

star wars advent calendar

boba fett Christmas figure

r2d2 tinsel Christmas decoration

darth vader tinsel santa

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