11 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Business Blog Using Pinterest


If you are not using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog, you are missing out on a potential gold mine.

While search traffic has slipped in recent years, social referrals (namely Facebook, Pinterest, StumbleUppon, etc.) have more than doubled and continue to grow.

People are using Pinterest as a place to find helpful articles and information, not just pretty photos – and Pinterest itself is encouraging this practice.

Here are 11 ways to get more readers to your business blog using Pinterest.

1. Create Boards based on your blog categories.

What do you write about most frequently? Look at your blog categories and create a Pin Board for each one.

That way people can find the posts easily and only follow the Boards that are relevant to them.

People can then find the posts easily.

2. Use eye-catching visuals.

Visuals rule on Pinterest (and on all social media channels) so you need to make sure that each blog post has a killer visual attached to it.

Make sure that the visual you upload links to your blog post! The preferred method is to go to the blog post and pin directly from there. If you must manually upload a graphic or photo, you will need to go back in, Edit the pin and add the URL in the Source field.

Great visuals can be photos or graphics you create yourself, with the blog post title inside the graphic. Check my post 12 Free and Low-Cost Tools to Create Pinterest Graphics for tutorials and a list of tools.

3. Optimize pin captions.

Your captions are the second most important part of your pin. Make the caption descriptive and compelling – use the best takeaway or statistic from your post, or ask a question.

One mistake I see consistently is overusing hashtags in the captions. Don’t use them at all or use them very sparingly – they take away from the overall experience and result in lower rates of re-pins.

You can put a link to your blog post right in the caption (I suggest using bit.ly to shorten long unsightly links).

4. Create great blog headlines.

This is vital to get more clicks on your blog and more traffic in general.

People like educational and helpful info on Pinterest. I pin articles and tutorials to read later, entirely based on the blog post titles (I can then delete them later if they are not useful).

5. Get Rich Pins.

Take the steps required to enable Rich Pins. A bigger and more vibrant preview will show up when you pin your blog post.

Look at Pinterest’s own “Pin now, read later” board – more likely than not, your customers are creating and pinning to Boards just like this!

6. Join influential Group Boards.

Group Boards are shared by many people rather than just one user. They have a small Group logo under the title of the Board so you can tell when a Board is shared.

Group Boards will increase your exposure to new followers, get you more repins, and help you gain more blog readers. Don’t spam Group Boards – only provide your best content or you may get banned.

7. Use infographics.

Infographics are hugely popular. Jeff Bullas found a 37% increase in engagement with target audiences through infographics.

Try inserting a relevant, useful infographic into one of your blog posts (with attribution of course) and then pin the infographic to Pinterest.

8. Acknowledge your fans.

Follow your blog readers and loyal customerson Pinterest. You will get a notification when someone re-pins one of your blog post pins.

Make sure to thank those people, and follow them where appropriate.

9. Make your blog post Pins searchable.

Check your Pinterest account settings to make sure that you have not checked off the box “Keep search engines from showing your Pinterest profile in search results.”

For better SEO, use the same language and keywords that you use in your blog posts, your Board titles and pin captions.

Make sure to always use keywords in your image names (‘alt’ tags) – think “Social Media Infographic” rather than “IMG542124”.

10. Don’t just pin that post once.

Pinterest moves fast – not quite as fast as Twitter or Facebook, but fast nonetheless. If you pin your blog post only once, it will get lost.

Pick another category or Group Board and pin your blog post there as well. Tip: Don’t do this the same day – maybe once per week so you don’t spam your followers.

11. Give something away.

Try a Pinterest contest, or give something away on your blog.

Mention the giveaway with text right in the pin graphic and get more re-pins!

What are other ways that you have found effective to increase your website and blog traffic using Pinterest?

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