10 Years Of Facebook Bring 10 Compelling Stories


10StoriesKimmyAndWill650With Facebook celebrating birthday No. 10 Tuesday, the social network took the occasion to remind its users that it’s not all about cat pictures, check-ins, and complaining about the weather. Ten Stories — some happy, some not so much — illustrate how Facebook has brought people together during its 10-year existence, and each of the 10 stories, contributed by users of the social network, is compelling in its own way.

The 10 stories are:

  • Weaving Connections: How New Jersey artistic chair maker Andrea Mihalik ended up collaborating with craftswomen in Kiltamany, Kenya.
  • The Conditioned: How Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho, a homeless poet in São Paulo, Brazil, ended up becoming a published author.
  • Twinsters: Twins who were separated at birth and given up for adoption find each other, thanks to Facebook.
  • Humans of New York: How New York photographer Brandon Stanton created a movement.
  • The Librarian: How Yisrael Quic, a librarian in San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala, uses Facebook to inspire digital literacy and the preservation of the Mayan language.
  • Kimmy and Will: The Facebook-aided love story of Will Stacey and Kimmy Kirkwood, and how the social network helped Kirkwood cope with a tragic ending.
  • Anchored: The story of Sevenly, which uses Facebook ads to promote weekly sales of fun apparel, reach thousands of people who care about helping others, and introduce them to charities in need.
  • Eyes: How a Swedish hair-metal band reunited after 25 years.
  • DIY Rainbow: How James Brechney of Sydney turned a rainbow crossing in his city that was removed into the DIY Rainbow movement.
  • The Knowledge: The story of a Facebook group that helps users prepare for The Knowledge, the exam that cab drivers in London must pass in order to be certified, by former prisoner Patric McGuinness, who is taking full advantage of his second chance.

Readers: Which of these stories was your favorite, and do you have one to share?